Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Polling The Audience

This marble has been rolling around in my head for a couple of weeks now.  I hope I can lay this out in a way that makes the question understandable. 

I already have two separate blogs.  "The Goodwins" blog covers family matters, adventures, birthdays, etc.  It is the blog I send people to if they want to see how Rachel is growing up and what goes on in our daily lives.  "My Marbles and Whatnot," as you obviously know, has been my catch-all blog.  This is where I tell my stories, share things I like, and generally share what is on my mind.

Question 1...
I am considering the idea of blogging about my scripture study.  I'd write about what I learned from the scriptures, cross references, etc and my own thoughts.  I could throw these in the mix of "My Marbles" which makes sense because religion is a marble that I cherish.  However, it might be better to make a different blog for scripture study and faith.  I know that some of my family and friends that read Marbles may not care to read an essay on Noah or Lot.  On the other hand, I could label the title "Religious:  Thoughts on Lot," etc.
A benefit of blogging this separately would be that it would easily be converted into a scripture study journal book.

Question 2...
I am finding that as I blog about weight issues and goals I am more likely to stick to my guns.  However, every time I blog about chocolate or my goals I think about you, my readers.  You may not care to know the ins and outs of my weight issues.  I've even considered doing a daily log (photos possibly) of food eaten and exercise completed.  I imagine many would not care to read that daily post.  So, here again, I could start a "Weight"ier issues blog or label  the title so people that don't want to read it don't have to.   This could be opened to multiple writers who want to share their stories, tips, ideas, successes, failures, etc.

Question 3...
I am itching to get spring cleaning under way.  It's no secret that Doug and I hope to get pregnant near the end of the year.  I'd like to have cleaned, scrubbed, organized and beautified each room and closet in our house before I get pregnant.  It might be fun to blog about this process over the next 6+ months.  Again, separate blog?   Open to multiple writers?

So here are the questions in an easier format...
I already have the Goodwin family blog and My Marbles and Whatnot.

Question 1
Do I start a separate "Scripture Study and Faith" blog?
Or, do I label the titles so people can skip the entry?
Or, do I just keep it in My Marbles and let people take it or leave it as it comes?

Question 2
Do I start a separate "Weightier" issues blog?
If I do start a new blog do I allow others to be writers as well?
Or do I label these entries and keep it in "My Marbles?"

Question 3
Do I start a "putting my house in order" blog?
Do I allow other writers?
Or do I label these entries and keep it in "My Marbles?"

I see pros and cons to each of these ideas.  So, dear readers, I put the questions to you.  What is your opinion?  What do you WANT to read?  Will separate blogs be better for you?  Do you care?  Would you want to see a collaborative blog on weight and health issues or putting your house in order?  Would you want to collaborate?  Should I just let "My Marbles and Whatnot" be a hodgepodge?

I look forward to your opinions.



  1. I think it's a great idea to have a separate blog for Scripture Study and Faith. Like you said, it would be a great journal/study book.

    As for the other 2, I say keep those as part of Marbles & Whatnot. I think those topics fit in quite nicely as part of your everyday thinking.

  2. I like the house in order idea. Keep that open to other contributors. We need some major spring cleaning around here.
    As for the others, I think it depends on what you want. If you want to write it all down, then make a separate blog or add it to this one (it's your blog so you can write whatever you want). You could even have a blog that you write and keep track of and make it private so no one else can read, but so you have stored to be printed one day.

  3. I think it is difficult to keep any blog going long term. I think it is even more difficult to do several. I know I wouldn't mind at all if you want to post your scripture study here. It's your blog and this is important to you. I love the weight issues posts, so bring em on. They resonate with me and my weight issues. Whichever way you go, more blogs or just the two will be great with me as long as you let me know where the others are. :) Love you tons! Jenny