Wednesday, November 3, 2010


Halloween, for me, has metamorphosized over time.  As a kid I looked forward to dressing up every year.  I still remember our inflatable skeleton and drawing on pumpkins.  We generally didn't carve pumpkins.  When I was a youth I would have 3 or 4 costumes for one season.  In college I denounced the whole thing as an evil tradition.  After a year or two I realized that if I threw my own parties I could control the atmosphere and activities.  Soon I was full fledged into haunted houses and creepy decorations.  I used to peruse Martha Stewart magazines looking for fun Halloween decoration ideas, themes and costumes.  I hosted a Halloween party every year for the Dallas-Ft. Worth Young Single Adults.  I continued that tradition when I moved to Salt Lake City. 

So, when I first got married I turned up my nose at Doug's plastic jack-o-lanterns and orange lights.  I wanted everything to be authentic.  I avoided anything that looked mass produced.  I excitedly decked the house out all spooky for the neighborhood kids.  This was the first time trick-or-treaters would come to my house.  We did that twice.  We even offered tastes of brain (jello) to some of our young friends. 

Now, as a mother, I've come full circle.  I actually like Doug's decorations.  I'm tired.  Rachel isn't old enough to care about Halloween.  In fact, if it is too creepy it might scare her.  I currently do not plan on turning our house into a haunted mansion again until the kids are older or we decide to throw a party.  Of course if I find a hidden supply of energy I might do it again for my neighbors.  We had quite a few ask us about it this year.

So where do I stand on costumes?  I have been a witch almost every year for a decade. The only deviation was last year when I had been dieting and could put on my formal dresses.  Last year I was a princess.  I love dreaming about costumes.  I love the idea of dressing up for one night.  I just have a hard time getting past my own weight issues.  A far too common thread in my world.

Halloween 2010 was all about Rachel.