Sunday, January 27, 2013

Daddy's One Stop Pop Shop

I wanted to do something truly special for Father's Day.  I started by taking the kids out in the yard wearing Daddy's ties and suit.

Now what to do with these pictures.  I LOVE these little pop top cans I found via Pinterest Here.  Once I started making them I just couldn't stop. Pretty soon "Daddy's One Stop Pop Shop" was born.

My Daddy Rocks! (Pineapple Can)

Daddy Emergency (Small Fruit Can)

 Nuts about you Pop! (Larger Fruit Can)

"I'm so glad when Daddy comes home!"  But, when he's at work or church he can wear this beautiful tie.  (Larger Fruit Can)

Father's Day Soup  (Larger Fruit Can)

Giant pop bottle bank

I went to a lot of work to make these.  So I wanted to share.  Printables make things so much easier.
Pop Shop Sign
My Daddy Rocks
Daddy Emergency Label
Corn Nuts Label
Daddy Comes Home Label

Father's Day Pop Top Label   (Not pictured)
Giant Pop Bottle Label

Father's Day Soup Label - Blank
Father's Day Soup Label - Not Blank