Thursday, July 1, 2010

Emphatic Punctuation!!!

Have you noticed a trend toward overuse of the exclamation mark?  I feel like I am bombarded by the little guys.  How often do our verbal sentences require an exclamation mark?  But, how often do we use them in our writing?  What about multiples?  I've noticed it in my own writing!  I've decided that it stems from a need for people to understand how much I mean something.  So, I overdose them on punctuation.  "No way!!!!!!!  Not me!!!!!"   I have also fallen prey to the multiple ooo.  "He is sooo cute!!!!!!"  "I miss you toooo much!!!!"  I guess I could add in the all capital letters to really drive home the point.  "YOU are TOO kind!!!!"  Hmmm...  Maybe I'll try to cut back.  Perhaps a punctuation and written emphasis diet.  So, don't worry if I send you a note and it seems to be missing that emphatic punctuation pizzazz.  I REALLY MEAN what I SAAAAAAY!!!!!

DISCLAIMER:  I was reading through the comments on my blogs and looking at all of the exclamation marks.  Please don't take offense at this post.  I mean it in fun.  I am the WOOORST at this!!