Thursday, March 11, 2010


This post contains a bunch of marbles that I need to write.  Some deserve a post of their own but will not get one due to time constraints.

1.  I "googled" hodgepodge for images.  I got a hodgepodge of patchwork quilts, foods, groups of people and modern art. I just like the word.

2.  The polls are in.  After considering the public and private replies to my recent poll I have made the following decision.  {Pause for dramatic effect}  I am not going to multiply blogs.  You will have to put up with reading or ignoring my weight issue blogs.  I'm not motivated enough, original enough and I don't have the money to write an entire blog on cleaning and decorating my house.  I may start one additional blog for scripture study insights.  Or, I may just not blog about the scriptures for the time being.  It may be too difficult to get/make the time.  It's hard enough getting the study time in. 

3.  Rachel's first birthday is coming up in 6 weeks.  I am undecided on how to approach it.  Should I just do family?  Should I invite neighbors and friends?  Do other people care about my one year old's birthday?  I mean care enough to want to come celebrate.  Or, is it just an opportunity to have a party and invite anyone and everyone.  Then I begin the rounds with the date.  Her birthday is on a Wednesday.  I've always been a purist.  Birthdays should be celebrated on the actual date.  But, we don't want to have a big party on a Wednesday night.  She doesn't know the difference anyway.

My current plan is to have a 3 person family birthday party on Wednesday and take a million pictures of cake smashed goodness.  Then, invite anyone that wants to to come over and have cake on the Saturday after.

4.  I faltered on my "no treats" rule.  I've been sick for almost 2 weeks.  Correction.  Rachel and I have been sick for 2 weeks.  After a particular fun couple of days of doctors, my throwing up, and Rachel's tantrums at trying to feed her, Doug bought me a chocolate treat.  He gave me permission because I was sick.  That became my excuse for more than a week.  So tomorrow I start again.  No treats except one on our official weekly date, or at weddings or special events until Rachel's birthday.

4b.  To go along with the "no treats" I am going to start using my BodyBugg again.  I'm going to log calories in and calories out and report every so often.  I'm eating more because I want Rachel to eat lots of different foods.  She doesn't want to try food unless you are obviously enjoying it.  So, I'm going to have to burn more calories just to maintain and not gain weight.  I'd prefer to focus on losing it.

5.  I wish they had a "like" button on blogs similar to Facebook.  Sometimes I don't really have a comment to make but I'd like to see what other people write.  I'm too lazy to revisit old posts to look for comments.

So much more to write.  So much on my mind.  This will have to suffice.


  1. Birthday fun!!! I can't believe that cutie is almost 1 already. Oh how the time flies when fun is being had. I think your current party plan is an absolutely grand idea.

  2. She won't know the difference are the operative words, but her family would miss seeing her!!!!!! Her #1 birthday is marvelous and fun!!!

  3. I found the 1st birthday to be very anticlimatic. We were always excited for it, and the child has no clue what is going on!

    And I put like/dislike buttons on my blog posts!