Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Valentine's Day

I believe in Valentine's Day.  I spent so many years celebrating "Single Awareness Day" that I relish the chance to revel in valentine mania each year.  I love the opportunity to remember to be more romantic with my sweetheart.  I don't believe in giving valentines to my neighbors, and Rachel only got a card from us.  But, in the cold winter month of February I love the warmth and tenderness that I feel as I share my affection and love with Doug.

I gave Doug the Simpsons Season 20 on DVD, a photobook valentine and a "Love Notes" notebook.  It's a little spiral bound notebook I dolled up with scrapbooking supplies.  We take turns writing little love and appreciation notes in it and pass it back and forth like kids in study hall.

Doug surprised me with chocolate covered strawberries.  As you know, I'll eat almost anything chocolate covered, but strawberries are one of my all time favorites.  He gave me a sweet card.  He "helped" Rachel give me a valentine too. Then came the piece de resistance - spa gift certificates.  This year we spent more than we normally consider practical.  Doug, however, saw a need and knew that I would not spend the money on myself.  He knew that I needed some pampering and luxury.  I've struggled to feel feminine when I weigh more than I used to and rarely take time for the pleasures of professionally pedicured feet and massaged muscles.  Truth be told, there are many days I don't get to shower and my hair remains in the tell-all ponytail.  I'm not asking for sympathy.  Most women give up a lot of those extras when they choose to have children.  I'm just giving you the reasoning behind Doug's oh so thoughtful gift.  A gift that brought me to tears.  I love Doug so much.  I can't believe I found a man as wonderful and sensitive as he is.

Our Valentine's Day date started out wonderfully promising.  It quickly took a nose dive into the unromantic abyss as Doug and I both got sick watching Avatar in 3D.  Neither of us had ever been to a 3D movie.  Neither of us knew it would be the demise of the night's romance.  Migraines, nausea, and throw up welcomed us at home.  Thank you Bethany and TJ, our babysitters, for keeping me company and taking care of Rachel until she was in bed.

So, this Valentine's day was a roller-coaster of loving highs and disgusting lows. But, I love that I got to celebrate it with my wonderful husband and charming baby girl.

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  1. This is so precious!!!!!!
    So are you, Jessica!!!!
    I love you,