Tuesday, February 26, 2013

The Binky Fairy

Rachel has been a fantastic sleeper.  Part of that is due to her love of the binky.  She was only allowed a binky during naps and bed time since she was 1 year old.  She was so happy to have her binky that she would just lay there in the dark, sucking away.  I've been hesitant to take the binky away.  It's selfish really.  I just wanted her to continue to love going to bed so it would be easier for me.  But all good  things must come to an end.  At almost 3 years old I thought Rachel would do better giving her binky away then just having it disappear in the middle of the night.  So we decorated a special box.  I even let her use a sticker with blinking lights so that the binky fairy could find her box in the dark.

Then we gathered up all of her binkies and put them in the box.

Look at that face.  You can see the determination and the sorrow.  She was giving away some of her prized possessions in hopes of a prize even greater.

While Rachel slept the Binky Fairy came and took the box of binkies.  Big kids, like Rachel, give their pacifiers to the Binky Fairy to take to new babies.  The Binky Fairy rewards them for their generosity.  These magic balloons lasted for more than 2 weeks before they deflated and sunk to the floor.  Rachel had been eying the music box for a long time.  It seemed a fitting gift from a fairy.

Rachel was pleased with herself the next morning.  She had slept all night without her binky.  Now she had some fun spoils for her good deed.  She gobbled up the m&ms in one sitting and played the music box until Mom and Dad thought they would cry.  What a wonderful girl.  We are so proud of her.

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