Tuesday, February 26, 2013


Doug and I started a tradition when we were expecting our first baby.  We obtained a recording of her heartbeat.  Then we went and built a bear with a sound box in the chest.  Every time you press the button you can hear her heartbeat.

The idea was that the next time we got pregnant, the first child would be able to help make the next animal.  It was with mixed excitement and grief that we went to the Build-a-Bear workshop in 2009 to make an animal for our second child.  (Our first died from complications from a rare form of dwarfism after only 6 days.)  Again, we obtained a recording of the baby's heartbeat to personalize it even more.

So on January 22nd 2011 we returned for the 3rd time to build a bear for our unborn child.  This time our daughter took a leading role in helping make this special toy for her baby brother.  She took her time and inspected all of the options.

We helped her choose a little dog for the baby.

And we allowed her to choose a new teddy bear for herself.  It's hard for a 1 year old to make a toy for someone else and not get to play with it.

She loved exploring the stuffing machine.

She kissed the heart going into her brother's puppy.  Then she watched as her teddy and his dog were brought to life.

We were thrilled to have a 3rd heartbeat to add to our collection.

Aren't they cute?

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