Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Chocolate free for 23

Hi, my name is Jessica, and I am a chocoholic.  I like all kinds of chocolate.  I like it hot or cold.  I like all quantities of chocolate, usually the more the better.  I can find any excuse or reason to eat chocolate.  I eat chocolate when I'm happy or sad, when I'm relaxing or stressed, when I'm sunbathing or snowmobiling.  I want and will eat chocolate.  The only way I can keep chocolate in my house is to give it as a gift to my husband.  Even then, it may not be safe if I get too bingy.  So, I am trying something new.  Yesterday was day 1 of "Chocolate free for 23."  I originally thought I'd do it for 93.  But, I decided to start small.  I am posting this so that I have accountability.  I will report back just before Valentine's Day.  Yes, I will be honest, good or bad.


  1. Fellow Chocoholic, I think you are brave for trying "Chocolate free for 23". I personally would not be able to do it. 1)- This is the chocolate season here & 2) I think my unborn child needs a daily dose of it it to survive.

    So, Good Luck and I'll be waiting for here.. in the Chocolate Capital of Italy!

  2. 2 Weeks down. Only 10 days to go.