Saturday, January 2, 2010

10 goals of 10 in 2010

We are already 2 days into the new year.  Many people have already made their new year's resolutions.  Some have started working toward those goals.  I've heard that you are more likely to achieve goals that are defined and written down.  So, here are my 10 goals of 10 for 2010.

1.  Lose Weight.  Cliche, I know, but it still must be done.  10 pounds in 2010 sounds good.  Anything beyond that is gravy.
2.  Attend the temple at least 10 times.  I expect more than 12, but, you can see the pattern.
3.  Study the scriptures for at least 10 minutes a day.
4.  Write 10 blog entries per month.
5.  Meet and converse with 10 new people in the ward.
6.  Try 10 new recipes.
7.  Give 10 things to charity each month.
8.  Do 10 acts of random kindness.
9.  Have 10 adventures with Doug and Rachel.
10.  Read 10 books.


  1. Those are admirable goals. Your list seems so complete with things that need to be done, fun things, and self-improving things. Good luck and I know you can accomplish them.

  2. I think those are fantastic goals. Especially #9.

  3. Love it! It's good to have a quantitative goal in mind. I'm not much of a new years resolution kind of person, but I really should be. I like your temple one. I might just take that one. :)