Monday, April 22, 2013

Festival of Trees 2012...Ornaments

Each ornament was handcrafted with a vat of glue, my trusty drill press and a lot of love.  I'm not going to describe each ornament.  If you'd like more detailed info about something you see, just ask.

We filled the interior of the tree with ball pit balls.  I drilled a hole in each one then glued a bent eye pin into the hole.

The chess pieces are cheap plastic spray painted in gold and silver.  Again I drilled the tops and glued in an eye pin.

We wired the etch-a-sketch to the tree.  I tried drilling it and released tons of aluminum powder.

Yes.  I, and my husband, drilled hundreds of scrabble tiles.  We painted the backs festive colors and sprayed them with glitter.

I love the bright colors of the game pieces against the green backdrop!

I took the houses from The Game of Life.  Spray painted half of them red.  Then painted them with glitter snow paint.  I drilled a hole in the top and glued in an eye pin.

I traced the outline of the globe on large Christmas balls then hand painted them.  

I took Rummikub tiles and heat embossed the backs with Christmas colors.  The images are hand painted.  Drill a hole, add a wire hanger, done.

I got the idea for the Tinker Toy Star from Better Homes and Gardens.  I enhanced it.

I think these game picks are genius.  I was staring at all these odds and ends pieces.  I didn't have any concrete concepts for them.  Then my eyes fell on some pick up sticks.  Hmmmm.  So I drilled holes in everything and we randomly put them on skewers.  The picks sticking out of the tree added another layer of dimension.

The wheels of Monopoly money were made by punching holes in the middle of the money and putting an eyelet in.  Then I fanned the money out into a wheel.  I painted them with modgepodge, to make them last longer, then sprayed them with glitter.

Okay, so now that you've seen many of the ornaments close up.  This is what the the tree looked like in sections.  There are a lot more ornaments that I didn't show close up.  Some neighbor boys used the instruction booklets and paper money to make origami ornaments.  Some girls in my church made ornaments out of cards. 

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  1. I love it, it turned out just so playful and gorgeous. I'm sure this brought back fun memories to whoever purchased it.