Friday, November 13, 2009

Please Be Considerate

I stood in line at the pharmacy. I waited semi-impatiently like so many do. I watched as 3 people exchanged money for prescriptions. I had only one more person ahead of me. There was conversation between her and the pharmacy tech. Then came the checking with the pharmacist. And more waiting for her order to be fixed. And then, to my horror, she proceeded to unload her cart onto the counter. Now, I have checked out at the pharmacy myself once or twice. But, had she looked at the line behind her she would have seen 6 people waiting, spilling out into the aisles and causing blockades. She did not look. Checking and rechecking to see if all items had been scanned, the tech finally handed the lady her receipt.

My turn! I quickly paid for my prescriptions. I turned. I smiled at the others waiting in line. And I pushed my cart of goodies to the express line (10 items or less.)

The lady at the pharmacy only stole 5 or 6 minutes from my day. Still, I wish people would think about how their actions affect others. Please be considerate.

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