Thursday, November 12, 2009

Diet, a four-letter word?

Is diet a four-letter word? I have always believed it to be so. I've spent the last 10 years trying to "change my lifestyle." Sometimes I succeeded. But, my old ways tended to come roaring back once something upset my daily regimen. All along the way I have avoided using the word "diet." Diet invoked an image of starvation, self denial and panic in my head. I would hyperventilate because of my belief that I would not be allowed to eat.

I am now in a position, with my health, that I must lose weight. So, is diet really a four-letter word? My perspective has changed. Diet means that temporarily I give up something I want (food) for something I want more (health, little red dress.) Once I reach a healthy target I can eat a few of the things I love. I will have to change my lifestyle if I want to keep the weight off. But, the diet will help me get to the results faster.

I guess diet is a means to an end and not a four-letter word at all.


  1. I really dislike that word. I think all women have struggled with trying to see "those numbers" go down. Honestly, the trick is exercise. It really is the key and it's funny that's the one thing we (as people) don't want to do. Also changing the way we eat. I've been amazed that I've been eating everything I want (like pizza & gelato- in moderation of course) and eating fresh foods (not frozen or packaged) and have lost 20lbs just by walking. I've also managed not to gain much weight during my pregnancy.

  2. Good job Sonia! That is so important for you and the baby. I need to follow your example and walk more. I agree, exercise and lifestyle change is the only way to really be healthy.