Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Festival of Trees 2012...Some of My Favorites

I thought you might want to see some of my favorite Christmas trees (excluding ours) exhibited at the Festival of Trees.  This is the first of many posts about the Festival.

The Festival of Trees is a non-profit fundraiser for The Primary Children's Hospital in Salt Lake City, UT.  People donate and decorate everything from wreaths and quilts to homemade arts and crafts to large Christmas trees.  Everything is sold to the highest bidder.  The large trees each have a 7'x9' space to showcase their tree.  Everything from the flooring to the top of the tree, including the power cord is sold as part of the tree.  There are hundreds of trees.  It is A-MA-Zing.

I love this kitchen themed tree.

I especially love the lamp made out of a colander.

Check out this "Chemis-TREE."  So creative.


I'd like to know how many hours went into this wood turned tree.

Most of the trees are donated in honor of someone.  Sometimes it is to celebrate the life of someone that was saved through treatment.  Sometimes it is to honor someone that died.  There were four trees side by side representing a family that died in an airplane crash.  The propeller actually spun the airplanes around the top of this tree.

This tree was to show respect for a couple of young LDS missionaries that were killed in Texas.  Again, it is so beautiful and creative!

There is a minimum price set to start the bidding.  It is generally the value of everything donated.  The price tag on this beauty was over $7,000.   Of course it included airfare, Marriott accommodations and 2 tickets to the ballet in New York City.  They even had ballet slippers signed by some of the prima ballerinas.

Check out this Mickey Mouse kitchen.  Everything was lovingly designed and built.

There are some entries that are just because someone wants to share with the community in an artistic way.  This tree, one of our neighbors, was just that.  They helped make the decorating day really fun.  I like the ribbon that looks like a road.  So cute.

I can't wait to show you our tree

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