Monday, June 6, 2011


My brother Facebooked, "I have nounitis.  It's when you want to say something and can't... um... what was that word?
This is not only an illness, it is an epidemic in my family.  I am plagued by nounitis hourly.  The harder I try to hold onto a noun the harder it is to pull it from the recesses of my brain.  If my stress level increases the number of nouns that disappear increases too.  It plagues my existence.  Children don't wait for you to come up with what you are saying.  And you just look like a crazy person as you stumble trying to find the words.  I regularly feel like an idiot.
 Anyway, I thought you'd like to know.
Hello.  My name is Jessica.  And I'm infected with nounitis


  1. Ya got it from ..... Hm... Oh yes, your mother! Oh! That's me! Sorry.... Uh what's your name? Oh yes, Jessica!

  2. We have that in our family as well. I often just make up a word to fill in the space and then endure the faces from people wondering what in the world I'm saying. :)